Service PRO Newsletter – June 2024

It’s always best practice to advise the consumer to contact the service contract administrator when product service is required.  Granted if you sold the product along with a service contract and the consumer called you for service, your company probably feels obligated to schedule the service call. However, when the consumer calls the contract company, they will validate the coverage and then dispatch the service call to your company if you were the selling dealer.   Adhering to this process eliminates the possibility of submitting claims with incomplete information and not getting reimbursed the servicers performed.

Many service contract companies often provide pre-authorized total service amounts based upon the product type. This eliminates your need to call in for authorization and expedites a first call complete. Do not automatically expect additional funds that may be required to complete a service call simply because the job was dispatched to you.

On the parts side be sure you know the extended service contract company’s process on parts markup. Typically, this may range from 10% to 25% depending on their internal policies. There may also be a cap on the total amount per part. For example, a maximum markup amount of $50.00.


Using the ServicePower portal always include the pre-Dispatch/Authorization number which is a 12-character number such as BQ30971MUK69. This number is given out when you call Complete Care at 800-622-1100 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. EPIC contracts are also handled by Centricity.

“New Rule”: Servicers have 30 days from the dispatch date to complete the repair. If a time period extension may be required  for any reason, you must get a “written consent” from Assurant to get the extended time and the reason why. Obtain this authorization by emailing your request to   Claims MUST be filed using the ServicePower portal within 60 days of the completed date, no exceptions. For additional questions call Assurant at 866-369-1178


Disclaimer: If the repair is unsuccessful, Assurant will only pay the diagnostic fee and parts cost if applicable. You might even have to go back to the customer’s home and pull the parts for return.  Save your parts invoices for all parts just in case this is requested.

If you are an authorized servicer in the AIG network, you will be dispatched jobs via ServicePower for consumers in your service area.  The dispatch number contains 9 characters such as 2112929E3.  You must use this dispatch number to file any claim in the ServicePower portal. For additional questions call AIG claims adjudication at 866-523-8649.

If you must service a product covered by Square Trade, you MUST always order the parts using the ServicePower portal. All required parts will be shipped no charge directly to the customer’s residence.  After the parts are ordered, keep an eye on the status because if the total repair is not cost effective or if the parts are out of stock, you will get a POE (part ordering error). For additional questions call 877-387-8129 Ext 2.

You will need an RO# which is the dispatch number such as 9198864-00, formatted as shown, prior to visiting the customer’s home.  You can order your parts through Warrantech if needed and submit claims via ServicePower. For additional questions call 800-279-1662.

Pre-authorization/dispatch numbers are provided to servicers through online requests. SNWS33DCDB7A-4 is the dispatch format, and you will also need a secondary dispatch number formatted as  NW22833971 which is the authorization to file a claim via ServiceBench. If necessary Asurion will also supply the parts regardless of product brand. 

If you are in the New Leaf servicer network, you will be dispatched jobs from their portal via email and you are required to go to the portal to accept or reject the service.  The dispatch number is formatted as 3844098-1. It must be used to file the claim and update the authorized amount.  Your authorization limits for service calls are posted on their portal. In the event you my require additional authorization call 855-608-4501.

If you are in the NSA servicer network, you will be dispatched jobs from their portal via email and you are required to go to the portal to accept or reject the service.  The dispatch number is used to file the claim and update the authorized amount. 


A picture of the product tag is required to attach to the claim upon completion.  The limit for service calls is posted on their portal. When additional authorization may be required  call 385-271-1792

For each claim submitted via the ServicePower portal you must attach a copy of the product serial tag and an invoice copy of the repair with all the amounts you are submitting.  In this case the dispatch or authorization number is called the SIMS Call number or Work Order # is required in the claim for reimbursement. For additional questions call 800-800-1492.

An electronic picture of the unit model/serial number tag and a customer signed ‘Acknowledgement of Pre-Existing or Potential Property Damage Waiver’ must be filed with all claims via ServicePower. Also, you must have a parts invoice copy ready for upload if requested by Sears. The part9s) Dollar amount must be the same as the pricing on the Sears website without any mark up. Do Not use the pricing shown on your parts distributor website or invoice. The dispatch/Authorization number is required and if formatted as follows: 0008228-41640234.


Key Point: If service is required for more than one appliance in the same location you will be paid your standard negotiated labor rate for the first appliance. A reduced labor rate will be paid for any additional appliances that are serviced. 

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