Invalid parts invoice numbers

Do your appliance service claims get rejected for Invalid Parts Invoice Number?

One of the most common claim rejection reasons across all manufacturers is, “Invalid Invoice Number by Parts Distributor.”    Whose fault is this?

Having filed and adjudicated thousands of claims on behalf of numerous appliance service companies,  we have found the primary reason for this rejection type is usually the fault of the service company not following the correct procedure in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines but NOT ALWAYS.

The following example depicts an erroneous rejection for invalid parts invoice number (shown in red) along with the invoice number 46809124. 

When this happens to you, what do you do?

Sending an email request or calling the parts distributor are your only choices.

Don’t just let claims go unattended, it very important to verify the rejections because it is not always your fault. It could be the manufacturer or the portal or the distributor.  Fight for your money!    We know if you are filing hundreds of claims a month it can be time consuming to verify every rejection but if you do not, then you leave money on the table!

Best Practice. Double check all rejections prior to the 45-day deadline.  

NOTE:  Part Distributor Invoice Number must be in an open status.   Before you use the invoice number, it is always important to check the part distributor portal to make sure that the invoice number has not been previously used on a warranty claim. Also, if the quantity ordered is more than one, be sure that there is still at least one open part prior to using the invoice number on a new warranty claim.

Please feel free to call us at 877-311-6602 X6 for assistance with your claims issues. We would be delighted to help!

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