Crosley Appliances claims processing

Where do you file a Crosley Warranty Claim?

Crosley kitchen and laundry products are manufactured by trusted brands, primarily Electrolux (kitchen appliances) and Whirlpool (laundry appliances). Therefore, when you see a Crosley appliance, you may actually be seeing a product made by these manufacturers. If you perform warranty service, it is important to know where to file your warranty claim and not assume it goes to Crosley.


In addition to a 1-year Parts & Labor limited warranty covering manufacturing defects, each Crosley appliance has a 10 Year Limited Major Component Warranty that includes the following models only.

Note: we recently had a model number GRM183UB which was not listed in any of the documentation and learnt that this model was also covered by Crosley Care.

To ensure warranty payment you must provide a copy of the product tag (for exact model and serial number), and dated proof or purchase (a cancelled check or credit card receipt may be required).

The extended parts covered for up to 10 years depending on the product type includes transmission, gearbox, motor, heating elements, compressors and all elements on most products, be sure to check before submitting your claim by calling 800-356-5268. To learn more about the CrosleyCare 10-year limited warranty visit

Warranty claims covered by CrosleyCare must be submitted manually as they do not provide a warranty claims processing portal.

Crosley branded appliance claims filed to Electrolux and Whirlpool
This can get very confusing as you get into the models that are covered by Electrolux and Whirlpool and not covered by CrosleyCare. If you are unsure, contact CrosleyCare at (844) -276-7539 or email at

Crosley branded appliance claims filed to GE Appliances
All model numbers starting with an “X” or “Y” are warranties covered by GE.

Model numbers starting with “V” and the brand is Conservator is covered by GE but models starting with “VMxxx” & “VFHxxx” are small freezers and these are covered by CrosleyCare.

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