Check the Status of your Submitted Claims Frequently

Why should I check the status of my claims frequently? This may sound like a no brainer but too often service companies leave money on the table for legitimate repair services performed due to a lack of follow through. 

In order to check the status of a submitted warranty claim you will need to go to the portal used by the manufacturer or other job source and look up your claim even if you filed the claim electronically from your business management software. Make sure you have your internal reference number and the claim number assigned by the portal because you may need either or both of these numbers.  

It is unfortunate the terminology and navigation in the portals is not universal. However, it is easy to access the current status of your claims.  

Check the status of your claims in ServiceBench by navigating to Claim Review.

Check the status of your claims in ServicePower by navigating to Claim Search. 

Processing times vary by manufacturer and is different between the appliance parts distributors. This can make it difficult to schedule checking claim status for all the brands you may service under warranty. You might have to check a single claim up to 10 times before you see the final status. If you used a part or if your claim went into audit review or manufacturer review it could take weeks before you get a final status.

The following are typical examples of claims status changes over time.  

Status 1

Status 2 

Status 3

Status 4



MFG Review

Mfg. Reject



Audit Review




In Process






In addition to waiting for a final claim status, once you see the Rejection or Incorrect payment, the clock starts ticking.   Every manufacturer usually has a different timeline to correct the claim by either submitting a corrected claim or submitting an escalation request to the manufacturer’s claims administration team for a manual override.

Depending on your volume, checking claim status one-by-one can be time-consuming so for ServiceBench the following standard reports are available under the Reports menu.

Claim Review Report – provides claim information for submitted, approved, rejected, or incomplete claims for the specified time period. Customized selection criteria includes servicer as ServiceBench dealer ID; distributor ID; current claim status; claim entry, submission, approved or rejected date range; ServiceBench claim number range, or servicer reference number range. This is a dynamic report so you can select which columns you want returned on the report.


Claims: Incomplete/Rejected Claim Summary by Manufacturer – report shows claim detail for incomplete imported or paper claims or claims rejected during a specified time period. You can select your time period.


Claims: Other Item Detail Report – provides a detailed listing of approved items per claim. It also provides the total amount approved per claim. 

In ServicePower you have the ability to create a “Claim List” by status or all statuses in a particular time period by the manufacturer selected or for all manufacturers.  


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Stay tuned for ClaimWorks™ a software connection portal that will eliminate the claims processing issues you may be faced with today.   If you need help trying to determine what the manufacturer claims requirements are in order to get paid, we may be able to help.   Call us at 877-535-WORK and watch the video 

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